Animation by Iiro Tujula 

My art is a reflection of my deep curiosity about life, encompassing a diverse exploration of subjects, emotions, and attachments. Through vibrant colors and captivating shapes, I strive to convey my thoughts and spark contemplation. Hidden within my illustrations are numerous thought-provoking questions, some unanswered even to me, yet open to interpretation by viewers.

Creating art is not only a form of therapy for me but also a means of self-discovery. Each stroke of the brush brings a sense of liberation, empowerment, and courage. While I initially fear the judgment of others, the journey of painting unveils a profound freedom, even amidst mistakes or moments when my execution falls short. I firmly believe that the artistic process holds greater significance than the final outcome, allowing for introspection and a deep connection with oneself, detached from external influences.

In the current world, where negativity often prevails, it is crucial to look inward to tackle external challenges. My art serves as a starting point for self-reflection, as I explore the fundamental aspects of my existence as an artist. By contemplating my purpose and agenda, I strive to engage in meaningful dialogue with myself and the world around me, fostering a richer understanding of life's complexities.